Monday, December 05, 2005

Flow - Page Nine

The story of FLOW starts here.
This was originally the last page of How Dee number 8, with a "to be continued" at the bottom. I have slightly adjusted the last panel, since it had a light source at the end of the tunnel which didn't make any sense based on what I did next.


Blogger Bezman said...

So, after this strip, are they all new? If not, how many strips left?

I'm enjoying the story so far. Kinda amusing and intriguing.

How long you gonna try and make it before you consider it 'conquered'?

Stay funky,
- Bez

1:32 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Thanks Bez...

Actually, there are about 5 more pages to go before I get to current stuff. The next page, was done just after the original 9, then the next 4 pages were done in 1997. Then it's 2005 and on...

I'll consider it conquered when the story is done, about 30 more pages I think. Or I might end it sooner. Sadly, I haven't been getting as much work done on the newer pages as I thought I would. I've written and sketched out the next 5 pages after the ones that are already done, but I've only actually done 3 panels(!). I need to light a fire and get going!


3:14 PM  

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