Monday, November 21, 2005

Flow - Intro

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Welcome to Flow. This is a Patchwork Earth story I started back in 1994 (or maybe even 1993) and published as the 8th (and final) issue of How Dee. It ended with a "to be continued" but never was. I did one more page, then quit doing comics for 4 years. Then in 1998 I started again, did 5 more pages, then quit doing comics again for 7 years... until now. So Flow is the comic that killed my comics... twice. Let's see if three times is a charm! As of tomorrow, I will be posting a page a day (weekdays). So for about 3 weeks, it will be old material, then, after that, new stuff. I've already thrown out one page I did in 1998 (I wrote a plot twist that I don't think I even understood then!). Wish me luck!


Blogger Bezman said...

Good luck.

Also - will you still be drawing other things? Or is it just Flow now?

Don't stop your flow!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Thanks Behrooz

I'll still be drawing other things, but probably concentrating on Flow for now... I feel like I have to "conquer" it before I can really get on with things...


10:20 PM  

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