Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Change (a 24 Hour Comic)

A 24 page comic done in 17 continuous hours. See below the comic for more information about 24 Hour Comics. Warning: This is 24 pages of about 100K each, so it could take a while to fully load up...

There it is, 24 pages in 17 hours... it was supposed to be 24, but I finished early. I wish I had stayed up and spell-checked it ("guaranty") and filled in a few more black areas, but overall I was pretty happy with it. I did another one later which went over the 24 hours and didn't make 24 pages so it isn't a true 24 Hour Comic, but more on that later. For more about 24 Hour Comics, go Scott McCloud's page. He's the inventor of the 24 Hour Comic (amongst other things) and his book Understanding Comics is genius. To see his original 24 Hour Comic (and links to many, many others) go to this page and to see one of my favourites (which I just found today), see Jeremy Bear's Jump.


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